With the use of SAP ME, global manufacturers can manage and control manufacturing and shop floor operations.
Its multi-faceted set of features allow integrating business systems to the shop floor.
We provide access to real-time manufacturing data to make quick and informed decisions and real-time dashboards to track and manage WIP. 

Strengths of the SAP Manufacturing Execution System
Provide users with real-time visibility across the entire enterprise
Access real-time manufacturing data to make quick and informed decisions
Accurately track and manage work-in-progress (WIP) to ensure the right products are being made at the right time
Improve quality and reduce variation through corrective action processes that prevent escape of defective products Recognize and respond to configuration or quality changes, resulting in the production of the highest quality product at the lowest cost
Control manufacturing routes and process management in a centralized environment
Collect a complete record of serialized components and processes in a mixed-mode manufacturing environment
Maintain detailed product records, nonconformance information, product yields, and quality data – available in real time to
the entire organization
Manage and track complex WIP scenarios – order splits, merges, and configuration changes
Visibility and management of ERP orders down to the shop floor
Configurable web-based GUI with standardized user and role based access and security administration
Incremental migration from existing MES supported through services-oriented architecture
Java-based architecture supports existing HW infrastructure investments
SDK allows customer-based extensions and customizations through web services